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Avion Power Plant in the Philippines

TAS Energy is in the final stages of completing the design, manufacture, testing and installation of a TIC F-40 skid for the Avion Power Plant in the Philippines. This project will be delivered in early 2015. The 97-megawatt (MW) plant will pave the way for increasing utilization of cleaner and more efficient energy technology than more traditional fossil fuels in the local power generation industry. This design including TAS Energy’s Turbine Inlet Chilling technology with GE's LM6000-PC Sprint gas turbines will be the first of its kind in the country.

Under First Gen unit Prime Meridian Powergen Corporation, the Avion power plant will utilize Malampaya gas and diesel fuel and is seen to potentially utilize resources from the power producer's planned liquefied natural gas terminal in Batangas.

With an expected 10-month project completion goal, Avion will be the fastest built power project in the Philippines and ready to handle future power crises in 2015 onwards. Its modular package design allows for faster installation and lower costs compared to other configurations.