Modular Central Plants

Your project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer a variety of modular solutions customizable to meet site-specific needs such as aesthetic requirements, redundancy, space limitations, and the flexibility for future expansion of your facility. Our modular systems can also be easily integrated with other industry solutions, such as Thermal Energy Storage, to further enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the total system, allowing you to reduce your peak power consumption and lower operating expenses.  So, regardless of your requirements, you can rely on our experience and expertise for the right solution.

With more than one and a quarter million tons of cooling provided, TAS Energy is the largest packager of centrifugal chillers in the world. One reason for our success is that we are recognized as the pioneer in modular central plants.

What really sets TAS Energy apart is our experience and expertise in providing the most optimized modular central plant designs. And, with the industry’s largest manufacturing capacity and our dedication to construction quality, we have the ability to execute your project while mitigating risks involved in typical central plant construction.

Our high efficiency designs can include:

  • Variable chilled water flow
  • Variable condenser water flow
  • Parallel or Series flow
  • High chilled water temperature difference
  • Redundancy at any level
  • PLC controls, with an interface that matches your Building Automation System

Since the introduction of TAS Energy’s modular central plants, we’ve continued to evolve, refine, and optimize the design of our products. Over the years, we’ve installed hundreds of modular central plants for clients in wide range of industries.  We can provide your project with the best chilling solution available.

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Modular Central Plants

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