TAS Energy Patents 

TAS Energy holds numerous patents covering power generation and refrigeration technology across a range of applications in our TIC and other markets. The patents provide TAS Energy the exclusive rights to offer packages that include our proprietary design elements.

Key Discriminators of TAS Energy TIC Patents:

  • Chillers arranged in series allow TAS Energy to extract 10% to 15% more refrigeration capacity out of commercial chillers, for no increase in cost.
  • Stored energy via a thermal energy storage tank allows TAS Energy to store energy in form of chilled water and dispatch the stored energy to provide 10-30% more gas turbine MW during higher value period of the day. The TAS Energy system allows thermal energy storage tank to charge at off peak times and it reduces parasitic load when power prices are high and additional generation can be sold at premium.
  • Variable turbine inlet temperature (T2) allows TAS Energy to respond to rapid changes in grid load and vary output of the gas turbine by changing the inlet turbine air temperature.

TAS Energy Proprietary Technology Maximizes The Benefits Of TIC Versus Evaporative Cooling

  • TIC can provide 45 degrees F +/- 0 or more inlet air cooling on the same 95 degree F day - Up to 3X more than evaporative cooling.
  • Predictable power is much more valuable than unpredictable power by a factor of at least 2X because it can be sold into a forward market.

Combining Generation Storage With TIC Enhances The Benefit

  • High “delta T” can reduce the cost of a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank 50%.
  • The typical savings per tank can be as much as $2.5M.
  • “Tank Capacity” is less expensive to customer than “Chiller Capacity”.

TAS Energy Recently Received Its Latest TIC Patent Which Was Issued in March 2014. This Expands Our Exclusive Technology To Cover A Wider Range Of Conditions Including:

  • TIC + TES + single chiller + variable speed chilled water pump to coils
  • TIC + TES + 2 chillers arranged in series
  • TIC + TES + 1 dual chiller
  • TIC + TES + chiller + control system with set point
  • TIC + dual chiller arranged in series
  • TIC + series counterflow chillers