Services and parts in the energy storage, thermal energy storage, generation storage, liquefied natural gas inlet chilling and similar industries is just part of what we do

TAS Energy Is Committed To Top Quality Service

The TAS Energy Quality Policy is to achieve sustained growth by providing our customers with products and services that will meet or exceed their requirements. To meet this objective, TAS Energy management has implemented this quality management system (QMS) and it’s supporting processes, to facilitate the continual improvement of our people, processes, and products. TAS Energy management is committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system to provide the necessary leadership and resources for this endeavor, and for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and continuing suitability of the QMS.  TAS Energy shall communicate to all personnel and shall empower all TAS Energy personnel with the responsibility and authority necessary to ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of this QMS.

Some Specific functions of the TAS Energy Quality Management System are:

  • Foundations in process control with measures of process performance.
  • Verification that materials required from project planning through final assembly provides the required quality of form and function based on the design and specifications.
  • Customer focus from first concept to the end of the product cycle, this provides the value our customers demand.
  • Provides for the traceability of product from project inception through after-market service. Engineering and design data tracking, as well as post delivery information tracking is provided for design and production improvement opportunities and challenges, while customer and supplier communication, both internal and external, provide for increased customer satisfaction.