Why Tas

TAS specializes in Turbine inlet chilling, turbine inlet cooling, turbine inlet air cooling, and power augmentation, through proprietary technologies.

Products & Solutions

The TAS Energy approach of designing and building modular systems and infrastructure in‐house with experienced engineers allows the Company to meet a wide range of specialized customer needs

Turbine Inlet Chilling/Generation Storage for Power Augmentation

Patented, modular water and air cooled packaged chilling -systems including chiller modules, cooling towers, cooling coils, air filter houses and thermal energy storage tanks sized from 200 to over 16,000 tons for a wide range of gas turbines designed to suit the power or Oil and Gas markets.

Modular Central Plants for Cooling or Heating

Highly efficient, modular packaged for Heating or Chilled water systems ranging in size from 500 to 8000 tons for applications in data centers, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities as well as nuclear power plants.

Data Center Cooling & Infrastructure

TAS Energy has worked with leading data center clients in applying modular techniques to data center infrastructure, resulting in significant cost efficiency and schedule benefits

Packaged chilling systems benefit versus stick build systems:

  • 10-20% lower first cost
  • Single source of responsibility
  • Shop Fabrication/High Quality/Safe Work Environment
  • Guaranteed efficiency & performance
  • Factory commissioning, and installation support