About Us

TAS is a leading global company focused on highly efficient, factory‐built, packaged modular solutions.

TAS Production

TAS data center products are designed and manufactured in three facilities in Houston encompassing 600,000 sq. feet in close proximity to major shipping ports and interstate highways.

TAS data center product demand is assured by:

  • Substantial access in Houston region to skilled labor
  • Proven and robust supply chain
  • Multiple shift capability
  • Additional facility capacity available for lease in Houston

TAS Today

Customer Focus with Discretion

The data center industry is both fast growing and competitive. TAS products can be customized and TAS protects proprietary innovations.

Proven Connections

TAS has long-term relationships with key data center clients that demonstrate our ability to supply modular products confidentially across the industry.

Product Focus

Our data center products encompass a large portion of the complete data center infrastructure less the IT. It includes complete data hall infrastructure to the IT cabinets, modular UPS and electrical switchgear systems, and mechanical systems for support infrastructure and cooling infrastructure.

Modular Advantage

Compared to typical field construction, TAS’ factory packaging increases speed-to-market and substantially reduces project schedule, construction risks, and cost.

By prefabricating and manufacturing customized modules off-site, and then simply assembling them on-site, you can have a data center constructed and functional with 40% less time spent on preparation and construction. The reduced time spent on field construction lowers customer risk by mitigating expensive field labor rates, which are often in high demand and vary considerably across the country.

Modular design, is more focused, affordable, and efficient. Incremental increases to capacity can be implemented as needed without the cost or difficulty of expansion, and a modular system allows for a more targeted initial cost and efficiency range for each data center.

100+ experienced engineering/services technical staff