TAS Production

TAS modular solutions are designed and manufactured in three facilities in Houston encompassing 600,000 sq. feet in close proximity to major shipping ports and interstate highways.

TAS product demand is assured by:

  • Substantial access in Houston region to skilled labor
  • Proven and robust supply chain
  • Multiple shift capability
  • Additional facility capacity available for lease in Houston

TAS Today

Customer Focus with Discretion

The modular industry is both fast growing and competitive. TAS products can be customized and we protect proprietary innovations. TAS supplies modular products confidentially across multiple industries to clients that wish to remain undisclosed. Project discretion and privacy is something that TAS has decades of experience with.

Proven Connections

As of April 2020, TAS is a Comfort Systems USA Company. This acquisition has allowed TAS to broaden its capabilities and partnerships in the data center industry. Comfort Systems USA is a leading provider of commercial, industrial and institutional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical contracting services, with 134 locations in 115 cities around the nation. Part of this acquisition has allowed TAS to partner with alike companies, such as EAS. By EAS and TAS working together, we are able to open a broader portfolio for our customers.

TAS is an industry leading Off-Site Construction manufacturer who along with EAS has six facilities and over 1.1M sqft of floor space in Texas and North Carolina that can be used to execute any project needs. With over 85 years of combined experience, EAS and TAS are premier providers for design, fabrication, construction, manufacturing, installation, controls and maintenance. In 2019 alone, TAS and EAS supplied over 3000 modules that included over a million tons of steel and over five miles of piping.  Between both sister companies, the emphasis of delivering on time, while placing an extreme emphasis on safety is a united goal.

Product Focus

Prefabricated modular solutions allow your project contractors to focus on field installation while the construction is done in a controlled environment. Prefabrication results in a significant increase in quality and efficiency while speeding up the project timeline.

Modular Advantage

Compared to typical field construction, TAS’ factory packaging increases speed-to-market and substantially reduces project schedule, construction risks, and cost. By prefabricating and manufacturing customized modules off-site, and then simply assembling them on-site, you can have a data center constructed and functional with 40% less time spent on preparation and construction. The reduced time spent on field construction lowers customer risk by mitigating expensive field labor rates, which are often in high demand and vary considerably across the country. 

Modular design, is more focused, affordable, and efficient. Incremental increases to capacity can be implemented as needed without the cost or difficulty of expansion, and a modular system allows for a more targeted initial cost and efficiency range for each data center.

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