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Immersion cooling drastically reduces energy usage and is environmentally friendly, leading to lower operating costs.

As data center processing increases in energy intensity, the demand for proportionate cooling also increases. High power density as a result of power-intensive hardware or equipment compacted into a cabinet, for example, may require cooling that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional air cooling.

That’s where immersion cooling can be implemented. Submerging electronic components in a bath of dielectric heat transfer liquids allows for highly efficient heat transfer and significantly reduced energy consumption.

liquid immersion cooling for data centers
  • Up to 500KW individual immersion pods
  • Higher energy efficiency and energy savings: >90% electricity savings compared to air cooled solutions
  • Independent of server technology and Open Compute Project (OCP) compatible
  • Reduced environmental impact - compatible with zero water use cooling application
  • Reduced physical space for the same IT capacity

Experience & Reputation

Based on our corporate history of innovation and packaged cooling system product development, TAS worked in concert with a U.S. based, multinational technology company to develop and launch an immersion cooling solution for data centers.

Unique to TAS design:

  • Self-contained tank with provisions for IT, power systems, and other infrastructure

  • Maximizing system uptime

  • An ergonomically designed server retrieval system that can be operated by a single technician

  • Closed loop, two-coil cooling system with 100% redundancy and increased efficiency

  • Up to 10 times more computing density than air cooled solutions contained in the same footprint

liquid immersion cooling for data centers

Data Center Upgrade / Retrofit – Whether driven by Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, or High Performance Compute, existing data centers struggle to keep up with growing demand. With Immersion Cooling, you can renovate your existing IT space to help keep pace with technology. Compatible with both raised floor or slab foundations, Immersion Cooling can be installed to maximize performance and lower PUE into existing infrastructure.

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