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TAS Talks Modular

Author: Tyler Kern

Guests: Ron Mann, VP of Engineering, TAS Modular Solutions, Joerg Desler, President and Jeff Kauffman, VP of Sales, STULZ Air Technology Solutions

Backtracks: Data Centers Embrace Modularity to Remain Agile

WordPress: TAS Talks Modular: Data Centers Embrace Modularity to Remain Agile

Subtitle: Experts share insights on the benefits of modular data centers.

Keywords: modular, modular data centers, data center cooling, IT, data centers

Key Points:
TAS and STULTZ partner to deliver flexible modular data centers.
Modularity allows for versatility, reduces costs and quickens deployment.
IT can customize modular data centers to cool any load.


In an ever-changing environment such as technology, solutions must be flexible, versatile and adaptable. That’s especially true of data centers as the amount of data and applications grows.
Lending thought leadership to this episode’s topic are three experts – TAS VP of Engineering Ron Mann and Joerg Desler and Jeff Kauffman, President and VP of Sales, respectively, at STULZ Air Technology Solutions.

TAS and STULZ have a partnership that delivers innovative modular solutions for IT needs.

“The paradigm shift we’ve seen in 10 months is enormous. Companies realize they need to be nimble with data center options, and modularity lends itself to this,” Kauffman said.

Modular options deliver many benefits beyond just cost and time savings, although those are substantial. The agility and flexibility just don’t exist in traditional builds.
“The process can be one to three years, and this becomes problematic with so many dynamic changes. Modular gives you what you need when you need it, keeping up with changes,” Mann said.

Desler called it “planning as you go versus planning ahead.”

Through their partnership with TAS providing the infrastructure and STULTZ the cooling mechanisms, the companies can optimize solutions.
“We have a building block to start from with variations. It’s almost an off-the-shelf core with add-on options,” Desler said.

What really determines the build is the application.
“It drives the solution we provide and allows clients to invest in what they need,” Mann said.

Having two companies with expertise in two different areas ensures that clients get the best advice. They’ve learned from each other and through products. In the realm of cooling for data centers, there are many specifications and expectations, which Kauffman said goes back to adaptability—the ability of a cooling solution to service any given load.

The IT industry won’t be slowing down anytime soon, and companies that need fast, cost-effective and scalable solutions have an option with modular.