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Traditional infrastructure methods such as aisle containment, power distribution, and cable routing are costly and time consuming. This type of typical infrastructure requires a building and structural ceiling that can support a lot of weight, at a high cost. TAS Data Halls take a normally complex design and simplifies the approach. Our data halls are the complete solution for aisle containment. This floor-supported structure serves as a support structure to cable trays, busway, etc. This solution is completely custom and designed to meet your data hall needs. By reducing build time, project risk, building requirements and on-site labor, these freestanding modular Data Halls allow your project to be scalable, flexible and custom.


This module can be deployed quickly and configured inside an existing building, with no need for the typical expensive structural ceiling.

Due to the custom build options available with this module, any specific needs for IT, panels, busways, fiber runner and racks can be considered during the design process

Steel framing allows for enough support to handle any IT necessary to meet your critical needs.

TAS Data Hall modules can easily be expanded or replicated to meet your project needs or scale as your project grows.

Drastically cut down build time versus typical data center infrastructure.

No need for multiple trades to work on your project and for you to manage them. Our subject matter experts can handle the installation of each aspect on site, shipping to you with less trade workers needed on -site post install.

Leave it to our team to test all aspects of this module to ensure installation is quick and efficient. Begin your project and IT installation shortly after installation.


Custom design to fit the needs of your project

Durable steel frame built to last and support all your aisle needs

Design loads will vary from project to project, but the average design can meet load requirements up to 350 lbs per linear ft

Sliding panels to allow easy access to busways

Easily expand in order to handle additional racks and infrastructure

NFPA 855 compliant options

Certifiable to CE or UL

Industries Served

Data Centers


Edge Solution


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