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Edge computing is an approach to network architecture that helps break beyond the limitations imposed by traditional data center networks by gathering the data and storing it close to the source, pushing companies to rethink their IT infrastructure. The basic principles may be straight forward, the substantial benefits of this new approach to network architecture have not always been fully understood. Today, IoT devices are quite powerful and only continue to grow more powerful as demand increases. This has opened up the opportunity for companies to optimize their networks and relocate more processing functions closer to where the data is gathered at the network of the edge, where it can be analyzed and applied in real-time much closer to intended users. If data doesn’t have to travel back to a central server and can be processed at the edge latency can be reduced dramatically. This need for computing to be closer to the edge is being pushed by AI, machine learning, Telco and 5G, and much more.


The most important benefit of edge computing is the ability to increase network performance by reducing latency.

Edge computing disperses processing, storage, and applications across a wide range of devices and data centers, which make it difficult for any single disruption to take down the network.

The dispersed nature of the edge computing architecture makes it easier to implement security protocols that can seal off comprised portions without shutting down the entire network.

Without the need of a centralized infrastructure, companies have the flexibility to adapt quickly to evolving markets and scale their data and computing needs more efficiently.

By processing data closer to the source and prioritizing traffic, edge computing reduces the amount of data flowing to and from the primary network, leading to lower latency and faster overall speed.

The proliferation of 5G networks, which will increase bandwidth significantly and make it easier to transmit high volumes of cellular data, opens up a number of opportunities for edge computing applications.


Fast configuration and speed to market.

Modular steel design configured to meet your projects current needs and allows the ability to scale as demands grow.

Starting as low as 100kW with the ability to scale up to as much as needed.

This all in one module comes complete with all electrical, fire protection, IT, cooling needs and security.

Each edge unit is individually configured, tested and delivered on site.


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