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TAS can help you minimize your project schedule risk and reduce your labor force at site! We can modularize any of your facilities utility systems by studying your process and applying our experienced engineers minds to optimize the build into manageable prefabricated skids. This approach can be applied to any process like air systems for drying or heating, cooling or chilled water production or distribution, waste water systems, heat recovery or heat generation, electrical equipment and distribution of electrical services, central controls, safety, communications, fire detection and suppression or any specialty process that you would typically require in your plant.


Reduces overall project lifecycle with less risk to project timeline and budget creep

Modular approach helps reduce site footprint

Complete design to build services under the one roof

Custom design to suite specific process and project site needs

Reduction of specialized trade and materials management labor required at site


More efficient manufacturing process in factory not effected by the elements

More controlled well established quality management process and procedures

Incorporate design to maximize testing in  a factory environment

Managed build cycle to optimize site installation scheduling and material handling

Minimize outside project schedule risks like weather delays and local availability of suitably qualified site labor

Industries Served

Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals


Edge Solution


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