Maximum Performance in a Modular Solution

All turbine power plants are hampered with decreasing performance during high ambient conditions. Turbine inlet chilling (TIC) coupled with a thermal storage tank is an effective way to maximize the output of gas turbine-based power generation or gas turbine-driven compressors. As compared to other turbine inlet conditioning, TIC provides the maximum performance benefit with active controls to a guaranteed level of performance.


Consistent, year-round performance for ambient conditions from 47°F to 115°F (8°C to 46°C)

Additional plant performance output without an additional emissions source

Guaranteed day ahead performance regardless of weather

PPA on baseload, spinning reserve on additional TIC capacity

Maximum performance from your most flexible, dispatchable gas turbine assets

Stable emissions performance throughout the operating envelope

Eliminates performance risk due to weather

Peaking power at optimal CTG heat rate

Thermal Storage – minimize the heat rate hit associated with the minimum load during daily cycling

Thermal Storage – renewables integration

Cost-effective energy storage


A modular solution that is designed for maintainability including built-in lifting points, floor drains, access doors, quick disconnects, built-in cableways, etc.

Series chillers allow TAS to extract 14% to 19% more refrigeration capacity out of commercial chillers while improving energy efficiency by 12+%

Stored energy via a stratified thermal energy storage tank allows TAS to store energy in the form of chilled water – effectively a thermal battery

Variable turbine inlet temperature controls allow TAS to respond to rapid changes in grid load by rapidly varying the output of the gas turbine by adjusting the inlet turbine air temperature, which can supplement the variable generation caused by increased renewables

Design to suit to the site-specific gas turbine type, weather, and operating profile

Variable-speed pump for TIC/TES System allows the flow of chilled water from the TES tank to the TIC cooling coil to maintain T2 turbine inlet air temperature setpoints

Filter house/coil module retrofit experience

TES tank design and integration experience

Turnkey TIC retrofit experience

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Duke Energy

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Ercot Facility

Ercot Facility 2

Grand River

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