TAS Expands Manufacturing Operations

TAS’ new Robin Facility

Houston, TX (Oct 3, 2019) – TAS has announced today that the company is expanding its manufacturing operations with the introduction of a third facility located in Houston, TX.  Along with the new facility, TAS is making significant investments in expanding its manufacturing capabilities to serve customer’s growing data center infrastructure needs.  Kevin Owczarzak, SVP Product Manufacturing for TAS stated, “As a Houston based company TAS is excited to bring on-line our third facility in a region that has excellent supply chain resources as well as access to well qualified personnel.   TAS continues to leverage our core capabilities and deliver large scale modular solutions that allow our customer’s digital transformation into emerging markets like High Performance Computing and EDGE data centers.”  The new facility adds an additional 210,000 square feet on an 8.4-acre campus bringing its overall footprint to 600,000+ square feet on 30 acres of manufacturing space across three facilities. With this expansion TAS plans to add approximately 150 additional staff in fabrication, assembly and operations support positions. 

TAS is a global technology company that provides modular engineered products for data centers, power plants, and other industries.  With a data center product portfolio that encompass the spectrum of solutions from high density, edge data centers to enterprise and hyperscale data center infrastructure modules like modular cooling units and UPS systems.  Compared to typical field construction, TAS’ factory packaging increases speed-to-market and substantially reduces project schedule, construction cost and risk.   Visit www.tas.com for more information.

Edge Data Centers

Bell Labs has predicted that 60% of servers will be placed in Edge data centers by 2025.  Contact TAS today to discuss your modular edge data center needs.



Engineering Innovation

At TAS, it is important that we are continually enhancing and broadening our design engineering capabilities to fit new technological innovations in the data center industry. 

“You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site”- Frank Lloyd Wright

Growing Demand for Immersion Cooling

The sheer volume of compute power required for today’s digital economy continues to escalate rapidly. The demand is driven by everything from super-complex algorithmic processing of Big Data for competitively superior customer experiences to the massive overhead being added to real-time transaction processing to ensure security and compliance. The result is the need for significantly more compute in less space.

CO2 Emissions at a 30 Year Low

The environmental situation in the US is not doom-and-gloom; in fact, it’s probably never been better. The US EIA reported in October 2018 that US CO2 emissions from the utility sector in 2017 were the lowest since 1987, a staggering 30 year roll-back. Technological innovations are providing lower cost, cleaner energy. The best news is that harmful emissions such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates are decreasing at even faster rates.