Two Brands

TAS delivers our modular solutions to both data center and industrial markets

One Company, Two Brands

TAS is a multifaceted company that brings decades of expertise in the power and industrial cooling business to the innovative field of modular data center solutions. We continue to apply lessons learned and innovation from our varied experience to develop and deliver new solutions for the ever changing technology of today.

Modular Data Center Products

We’ve expanded into the data center solutions industry by developing and offering modular responses to some of the industries fastest growing needs and concerns. From high density cooling solutions to completely customizable modular data halls and UPS systems, TAS is building a future where tech companies can rely on fast, efficient, and environmentally conservative techniques.

  • Cooling Module
  • Data Halls
  • Utility Infrastructure Modules
  • UPS/Power Modules
  • High Density and Edge Products

Engineered Modular Solutions

We continue to be an industry leader in the field of industrial power solutions, providing packaged cooling systems and services to companies nationwide and internationally. Providing solutions to power, oil & gas, industrial and commercial customers since 1999, TAS is an innovator in the modular cooling solutions industry.

  • Turbine Inlet chilling for power & liquified natural gas
  • Industrial chilling plants
  • Modular central plants

600,000 sq. ft, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities