Why TAS?

Informed by Decades of Thermodynamic, Cooling and Power Expertise

Every TAS product is designed for maximum efficiency.

Advanced Modular Product Development

Our engineers first consider all of the life-cycle operational goals that exceed the specifications. Our supply chain team procures lifecycle performance and interchangeability. TAS has advanced the interfaces between modules to make field construction faster, repeatable and more reliable. Future maintenance and repair can be carried out safely with minimal disruption. Our advanced product development approach leads to product optimization.

  • Life-Cycle Efficiency
  • Interconnectivity
  • Interchangeability
  • Repeatability
  • Maintainability

Rapid Delivery

A compelling reason for TAS modular products is schedule reduction. In today’s tight craft labor market, scheduling delivery of module products from a controlled factory environment with a cadre of full time craft labor offers real advantages. By having scale, TAS is also able to offer flexibility to accommodate changes in needs through rescheduling and adding shifts if needed.

“We can conclude that a modular approach can cut down the costs normally associated with building and certifying a sustainable DC whilst delivering long-term cost savings on expansion, operation and maintenance. A modular DC design approach offers enhanced flexibility to accommodate growth or changing requirements whilst providing an opportunity to spread investment costs over a longer time.”

Sustainable Benefits of Modular Data Centers
Dr. Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centre R&M
June 10, 2015

“Drivers for modularization.

  • Limited availability of skilled and affordable labor
  • Remote site access and severe site weather constraints
  • Desire to minimize field time and reduce construction costs
  • Reduction of site waste
  • Improvement in quality due to controlled environment
  • Repeatable construction that lends itself to duplication
  • Equipment replacement at an operating plant where downtime is not possible.”

December 2016
Modularization: The key to success in today’s market

Reduced Costs

  • All of our advantages add up—and then subtract from your bottom line. Modular products reduce field costs and mitigates risks of weather and labor shortages.
  • Standardization and lifecycle supply chain sourcing improves reliability and maintainability.
  • Repeatability allows deployment of future units very effectively.


TAS values our products but values our employees more. We have grown steadily while improving safety performance through active measures.

Our customers benefit by buying products assembled in controlled conditions with dedicated talent. This minimizes safety risks during site construction.

1,325+ MW of modular cooling systems delivered